The Problem With The Skincare Industry And Women of Colour

The Problem With The Skincare Industry And Women of Colour

The global skincare industry is set to be worth $180bn (£140bn) by 2024, but according to a report by Superdrug, 70% of black and Asian women in the UK do not feel that the high street caters for them.



One of the biggest reason there is discrepancy between women of colour and cosmetic companies is the way cosmetics companies have marketed their product, most marketing campaigns have rarely used diverse models to promote products. Even the modelling world itself is also changing opting for more diversity on who they sign.

Marketing is such huge factor because consumers base their idea of a product based on what they see. Women of colour who only see thin, white models being advertised using products will in turn think the product is not suitable for them. We buy products based on who is selling them and if cosmetics and skincare companies can start to use more women of colour in their advertising it would make skin care more inclusive.


You may have heard the phrases ‘black don’t crack” and and “beige don’t age”. These have had a very negative impact on how women of colour take care of their skin, these myths have led many to believe people with more melanin do not need to protect their skin.

Dr Ophelia Dadzie, the UK’s leading ethnic dermatologist, says there needs “to be a radical overhaul of our approach to the skin”. Dadzie goes on to argue “We need to expand beyond looking at ethnic skin as something unique; it is normal skin.”

Skincare companies need to adapt to the times and start considering women of colour when developing and advertising products.

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