Piótis is the ancient greek word that means richness in texture and has been also documented in context as happiness and wealth.

The philosophy of our brand is to inspire and to educate you and your family to choose safer and kinder beauty and body care products that are natural and environmentally friendly.  Piótis aims to educate you on why non-natural beauty/body care is toxic and harmful for you and to help you lead a cleaner life for you and your family. 😊🌷🌍 Piòtis hopes to be a positive contribution to your life and health! 😚

Our organic, natural, handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic and non- nano coloured micas beauty products can be purchased through Etsy, Facebook and Ebay.

About our products:
Handmade Luxury Beauty and Body Care products
Products for all ages and genders
100% Natural
Non-nano coloured micas or zinc oxides
Shipping worldwide
Non-toxic ingredients
Handmade by Evanthia Kaimaklioti Samota


Hi! I Evanthia Kaimaklioti Samota, welcome to my page. I have always been interested in green beauty which was sparked from my aversion to anything containing fragrance. This interest flourished prompting me to start developing my own natural skincare products.

I grew up in a family of 3 boys, so my days would  be spent running around in the yard and trying to tag along with the other boys jumping fences and eating lots of dirt. But I loved it!

My love and connection to nature and love of the environment were motivating reasons to develop Piótis. Now a mum, wife and student, I am bringing natural beauty and body care products to the public all made handmade, after extensive research and study. My biology background and knowledge of the human physiology allows me to choose products that are the safest and kindest to our bodies.

Wishes for abundance and love in your lives!

Lots of love,

Owner and Creative Formulator of Piótis Naturals
PhD student in Bioinformatics at UEA Norwich, UK
MSc Bioinformatics University of Manchester
BSc (Hons) Human Biology)